Tea Party Convention To Only Offer Press Credentials To Conservative Outlets

January 14, 2010 12:21 pm ET — Walid Zafar

Next month, tea baggers from around the country will descend on Nashville, Tennessee to attend the first-ever National Tea Party Convention.  The event will feature a veritable who's who of the right-wing movement's most controversial characters, including, of course, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Marsha Blackburn and World Net Daily founder and conspiracy theory aficionado, Joseph Farah.  But a conflict has emerged, which according to a press release from organizers, will be dealt with in the fairest way possible:

...Tea Party Nation has received hundreds of requests for press credentials to cover this convention... However, given these practical limitations, we have approved the following press organizations...

The list is made up of Fox News, Breitbart.com, Townhall.com, The Wall Street Journal and, of course, Farah's World Net Daily.

To trust World Net Daily to conduct journalism is like trusting Sarah Palin to teach a course on the Founding Fathers.

As my colleague Eric Boehlert points out:

The right-wing convention is basically locking out reporters. Tea Party followers, who have built their political movement by rallying around the need for transparency, are going to hold a political convention and listen to speeches from, among others, Sarah Palin. But journalists are banned. Well, not all "journalists." The Tea Party convention is going to allow Fox News, which employs Sarah Palin, to be among the select few "reporters" allowed to cover the convention, where Sarah Palin will speak.

The Tennessean reports that unlike the rest of the event, Palin's keynote address will be open to the press.