American Family Association Suggests Canaanite-Like Cleansing Of Muslims

January 08, 2010 1:16 pm ET — Walid Zafar

We've written several times about the American Family Association's Bryan Fischer, who, as the group's director of issues analysis, has written harshly, hatefully and unabashedly about Islam and, more particularly, about Muslims in the United States.  After the tragic events at Fort Hood, for example, Fischer called for a ban on Muslims serving in the military.

In a post today, entitled Islam is an Evil, Wicked Religion - Here's Proof, Fischer writes that "[t]he only thing that can possibly protect us from this evil, when they come against us, is a righteous and overwhelming display of lethal force. Meanwhile, the practitioners of this religion should not be allowed to enter the United States, even as visitors."

Fischer goes on to suggest something far more sinister than restricting Muslim immigration, writing that after watching the actions of Muslim extremists, "you can begin to understand why God instructed the Israelites to kill every living thing among the Canaanites - every man, every woman, and every child. To leave even one alive was to put innocent Israelites in future jeopardy." 

It is hard not to read Fischer's reference to the Biblical story of Jericho, in which Joshua and the Israelite army ethnically cleansed the Canaanites, as a call for genocide against Muslims.  What is ironic is that Fischer alludes to a story about the wholesale and indiscriminate murder of "men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep, goats, and donkeys" as an argument against extremism and to support his claim that Muslims are dangerous. 

One wonders how such invidious rhetoric advances the American Family Association's position of combating indecency and promoting a pro-family agenda.