Rep. Akin Finds Economic Solutions In The Bible

December 17, 2009 4:38 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Last night, the Family Research Council held a "prayercast" during which religious right activists and members of Congress prayed for, among other things, the defeat of health care reform. 

According to Eric Kleefeld, "The event was an excellent display of the theocratic right -- that is, for the literal institution of religious doctrines in public policy, and appeals to the Deity for active direction and intervention in politics." 

To that end, Rep. Todd Akin (R-MO) gave a video message in which he proposed that contemporary Americans should be more like the pilgrims -- an argument he's made before.  Specifically, Akin explained that the pilgrims viewed the Bible not only as a religious document, but as a "blueprint to tell us about economics, to tell us about education, to tell us about government."

AKIN: One of the things we can learn from the Pilgrims - and their understanding of Christianity was somewhat different from our own - is that they really did believe that the Bible was a blueprint for all of mankind.  A blueprint to show how just not how to pray or how to love our wife or our family, but a blueprint to tell us about economics, to tell us about education, to tell us about government.

And because they believed that the Bible was a blueprint, they came up with innovations that were marvelous for America's future. They had quite a variety of understanding of how to apply different practical things from scripture.


I'll leave it for someone else to explain why Akin's understanding of the Bible, to the extent it supports his conservative economic views, is mistaken

But more to the point, it's pretty remarkable in the twenty-first century that a member of Congress would suggest the country should take its cues on economic policy (as opposed to marriage or abortion) from a book written centuries before capitalism was born.  For that matter, we already have a blueprint "to tell us about government." It's called the Constitution. 

[h/t: Right Wing Watch]