Sen. McConnell Flips, Now Hits Dems For Expanding Medicare

December 08, 2009 3:23 pm ET — Chris Harris

Yesterday, Politico's Glenn Thrush described Republican frustration over the ineffectiveness of political attacks that claim Democrats will cut seniors' Medicare.

Thrush wrote:

One GOP staffer, in a moment of candor, attributed the problem to the GOP's longtime resistance to Medicare -- starting with Ronald Reagan's pronouncement that the highly-popular senior citizen health care program would lead America to socialism.

"For us talking about Medicare in 2009 is about as credible as the Democrats talking about homeland security and national defense in 2001," the person lamented. "We may be right on the merits but we just don't have the credibility."

It seems that Thrush was on to something. 

On December 6th, a press release from the office of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell attacked Democrats for "cutting Medicare."

The very next day, after again failing to get traction, Sen. McConnell released a statement attacking Democrats for "expanding Medicare."

Sadly, this hardly surprising.  For months, Republicans have leap-frogged from one attack to the next, seeking a criticism against Democratic reform efforts that would resonate with the American people.

What McConnell's party fails to grasp is that earning the support and trust of the American public takes more than well-honed, Frank Luntz-inspired talking points.  Americans want meaningful health care reform that provides everyone the opportunity to receive quality, affordable care.

Until McConnell understands this, there's no use sending more press releases.

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