The GOP's Newest Fake Controversy

December 07, 2009 6:48 pm ET — Melinda Warner

This morning on the Senate floor, Majority Leader Harry Reid commented that the current efforts to derail health care reform are similar to the type of obstructionism used to stop slavery over a century ago.  The simple, historical analogy - that did not place blame on anyone - struck a nerve.

Unsurprisingly, prominent members of the GOP as well as conservatives from the blogosphere have jumped all over the comparison in the most blatant publicity grab we've seen from them in, well, hours.

Sen. Reid's comments were offensive to Sen. Coburn, felt irresponsible to Sen. Thune, and struck Sen. Chambliss as desperate. RNC Chairman Michael Steele said:

"Having made this disgraceful statement on the floor of the United States Senate, Mr. Reid should immediately apologize on the Senate floor to his colleagues, to his constituents, and to the American people...If he is going to stand by these statements, the Democrats must immediately reconsider his fitness to lead them."

Where was all this outrage with Rep. Michele Bachmann likened health care reform to slavery?

Right-wing blogger and Republican talking point machine Michelle Malkin tweeted:

Where to begin?

The various ideologies of the two major American political parties have changed greatly over the years.  While the "Republican" party was, in fact, the party of Lincoln, it has since lost the mission of Lincoln.   For it has been the Republican Party who has fought against ensuring basic rights for the LGBT community - to the extent of disgracing the memory of a murdered teen in front of his mother - the party who has continually attempted to prevent women from taking control of what happens to their bodies, the party who tries to defund programs that help Americans get back on their feet, and the party who can't see individuals behind one's ethnicity and religion.

The Republican Party has also, very recently, been guilty of using a false slavery smear tactic to attack President Obama.

It isn't the Democrats who are being desperate here - it's the Republicans. 

As Steve Benen pointed out: "Republicans may not like being on the wrong side of history -- though, at this point, you'd think they'd be used to it..." Apparently not.