Hey, AHIP, Who Is The Enemy?

October 22, 2009 4:03 pm ET — Melinda Warner

As reported by Huffington Post, the lobbyist for America's Health Insurance Plans (AHIP) has instructed Congressional Republicans to fight against health care reform by not "giving comfort to the enemy."

Steve Champlin, the AHIP lobbyist purchased for at least $400,000, said:

"There is absolutely no interest, no reason Republicans should ever vote for this thing. They have gone from a party that got killed 11 months ago to a party that is rising today. And they are rising up on the turmoil of health care...So when they vote for a health care reform bill, whatever it is, they are giving comfort to the enemy who is down."

Let's clear this up a little bit.

If this is a war, the Republicans are sacrificing hard working Americans in favor of protecting the sacrosanct private insurance corporations.

The various factions the Republicans (and AHIP) refuse to "comfort" include women, children, seniors, doctors, and ethnic minority groups. 

The Democrats, who AHIP views as the "enemy," are defending Americans who work hard but are still hung out to dry by the insurance companies who see them as financial liabilities instead of human beings.  Democrats, unlike Republicans, are infuriated that women are told to be sterilized, children are denied basic coverage for being anything other than a "normal" size, seniors can't pay for their prescriptions, doctors are receiving less than adequate payments for treating Medicare patients, and ethnic groups all over the country cannot receive the same level of care as their white counterparts. 

So, which side are YOU on?