Steele: We Don't Need Reform Because The U.S. Has The Best Health Care In The U.S.

October 19, 2009 10:35 am ET — Melinda Warner

Over the weekend, RNC Chairman Michael Steele added to his long string of public gaffes by saying the American health care system does not need reform because what we have is the best in the country.

During his interview on Univision, Steele said we don't need to reform health care:

Jorge Ramos: Republican Senator Olympia Snowe has announced that she will vote for a healthcare reform bill. Are you disappointed, do you expect more Republicans to vote for it?
Michael Steele: I don't, if it's what we've seen produced so far in the House and in the Senate. I don't think we need a comprehensive overhaul of our healthcare system because our healthcare system, while it remains the best in the country and while it provides largely the services that people need and the quality of those services are very, very good, there are costs associated with this system that needs to be address more directly.


Arguing that the health care system in the United States doesn't need to be reformed because high-quality services are available is absurd.  Yes, we clearly need to address the cost issue - but how will costs go down if we don't address all aspects of health care?  You can't just dictate lower costs and expect there to be no repercussions in all other aspects of care. 

Also, are we supposed to be persuaded by the fact that the American health care system, which is the only health care system in America, remains "the best in the country"?

You may remember last week's launch of the new GOP website.  Plagued with problems, the site had missing pages, someone forgot to include the last 5 years of "accomplishments," and took credit for "Republican heroes" that weren't Republican at all.  This after months of waiting for the launch of the new site.

The excuses were that the site was "beta," that it wasn't a website - it was a "platform," and a general defense of "give us a break, we're just the little ol' RNC and we're just trying to get our new website off the ground" as if it were a start-up with a lack of funding and tech support.

What if, in response to the wide criticism of the site, Chairman Steele had said "I don't think we need to redo our site because it's the best RNC website available and you should all just deal with it."

He'd get laughed out of the party.