Rep. Poe Suggests Deploying More Troops Is As Simple As Sending Food

October 14, 2009 10:52 am ET — Chris Harris

While speaking on the floor of the House on October 14, 2009, Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) criticized the Obama administration for "ponder[ing]" whether to deploy more troops into Afghanistan.

Rep. Ted Poe:

If our troops needed more food, we would immediately send food.  If our troops wanted more equipment, arms and vehicles, we would immediately send munitions.  But, if our troops wanted more troops, we stall, delay and ponder.  Why?

Why?  Because the decision to send more troops into a warzone should take more thought and "pondering" than the decision to send food or equipment.  To imply that the president should send young men and women to war as casually as he sends a case of Hot Pockets to restock the mess hall is absurd.

The decision to deploy thousands of young American patriots into a warzone is one of the toughest decisions a Commander in Chief faces.  President Obama owes it to the troops and their families to only send them into harm's way after intense deliberation with his top military and civilian advisers.

To do anything less would show a profound disrespect for those putting their life on the line for our country.