New Conservatives For Patients Rights Ads Provide Rick Scott A Platform To Support The Private Health Industry

September 30, 2009 1:09 pm ET — Melinda Warner

On September 29, 2009, Conservatives for Patients Rights released two new spots in "reaction" to the votes in the Senate Finance Committee.  However, like most of CPR's "information," the ads are full of Rick Scott's biased opinions about health care reform.

Rick Scott's "Response To The Bipartisan Rejection Of A Government-Run Public Option" Assumes All Americans Are Behind Just A Few Senators

Rick Scott: "This is Rick Scott, Chairman of Conservatives for Patients Rights.  What a great day.  Bipartisan rejection of government-run health care.  Bipartisan rejection of a government insurance plan, the public option.  Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi, listen up.  Listen to what the American public has said.  They've rejected government-run health care." 

Actually, just a few Senators voted against the public option.  15 Senators out of the estimated 300 million Americans.  While they might choose to stay with their current coverage, the American public wants to have the choice of a public option.

Rick Scott: "We need to start over, we need to do the right things to lower health care costs.  We need to allow insurance companies to sell across state lines.  Give individuals the same tax breaks that employers get.  Have providers post their prices.  Reward people for taking care of themselves for eating right, for exercising, for not smoking.  So hopefully, Mr. President, Speaker Pelosi, hopefully you'll listen and will drop government-run health care and let's put patients first.  Thank you." Rick Scott advocating for deregulating insurance companies as long as they post prices? What would force them to reward good lifestyle choices when they have already proven themselves untrustworthy?  Because their current policies of using acne and domestic violence as pre-existing conditions and rescinding coverage for expensive patients because of imagined fraud are not exactly putting patients first.

CPR's "Move On" Ad Falls Behind

Rick Scott: "Many in Congress are realizing a government-run, public option health care plan is a bad idea." 

Maybe it's because "many in congress" (including Grassley, Hatch, Snowe, Kyl, Bunning, Crapo, Roberts, Ensign, Enzi, and Cornyn) receive so much financial support from the private insurance corporations.

Rick Scott: "It's time to drop a public option plan and get on with real reform.  Let's lower premiums by allowing insurers to compete across state lines.  Give everyone the tax breaks businesses get for insurance.  And require health care providers to disclose their prices and performance." 

Yeah, all those things would require additional governmental involvement since we clearly can't trust the private health industry to treat American patients well.  But you wouldn't know anything about that, would you, Mr. Scott?

Rick Scott: "Let's move on, Mr. President.  Drop your government-run option plan and put patients first." 

Get over yourself, Mr. Scott.  You are in no position to give anyone advice about anything health care related