Conservative Kansas Crowd Laughs At Rep. Tiahrt's Ridiculous Health Care Claim

September 22, 2009 11:50 am ET — Chris Harris

Rep. Todd Tiahrt (R-KS) gets laughed at for blatantly lying to constituents.

Rep. Tiahrt Jumps The Shark

Over on the Huffington Post, Mike Nellis flags a very interesting exchange from one of Rep. Todd Tiahrt's town hall meetings.

While speaking about health care reform behind a podium emblazoned with his well-known campaign logo, Tiahrt claims "they're gonna set up a committee to determine what every doctor in America will make.  They will set that fee, every doctor will make the same..."

The congressman is then cut off by outbursts of moans, gasps and laughter from the crowd.

Kansas is a very conservative state home to some of President Obama's more fervent critics.  Had Rep. Tiahrt stuck to some of the more common fear-mongering falsehoods surrounding the health care debate, he probably would have gotten away with it.  However, he decided to swing for the fences by making up one of the most ridiculous claims to surface in the health care debate - and the crowd didn't buy it.