RedState Is In The Business Of Spreading Disgusting Rumors

August 07, 2009 10:03 am ET — Melinda Warner

RedState's Erick Erickson has posted a new piece on the support that AARP has given the House health insurance reform bill, but instead of using factual information in his column he stoops to using scare tactics and fear mongering.

Erickson writes:

Does the AARP's members know about the endorsement of a healthcare plan that requires seniors to get instruction every five years on assisted suicide - a fact the AARP calls a "myth"?

Multiple sources have debunked this ridiculous, desperate rumor that has been spread with the intent to frighten the American public. 

It is vile that Erickson and his ultra-right cronies are propagating this lie.  No Democrat - or any other politician/policy wonk/federal employee - wants to encourage euthanasia.  The only people you hear talking about it are the Republicans.

Erickson should take the time to actually read the legislation, instead of relying on the biased and false interpretations of the likes of Betsy McCaughey.  If he did, he would see that it is clear that the provision ensures that senior citizens have access to professional counseling in the event they do not have access to someone or their own doctor is not available to answer the myriad questions that seniors report having unanswered. 

Any insinuation otherwise, any attempt to suggest that Democrats' plan to decrease cost is to kill people, is foul.  The attempt to continue the spread of these lies is pathetic - and shows just how far the Republicans are willing to go when the facts aren't on their side.