Birther Rep. Poe: Official State Document Is "Like Me Sending Out A Birth Announcement For One Of My Children"

July 24, 2009 4:33 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Rep. Ted Poe either doesn't understand what a certificate of live birth is or he sends out some pretty fancy personal announcements.

Last night on CNN, Lou Dobbs, who recently suggested President Obama might be "undocumented," hosted Rep. Ted Poe (R-TX) and Roland Martin to debate the ongoing "controversy" over the president's birth certificate. Poe, one of nine Republican co-sponsors of Rep. Bill Posey's "birther bill," repeatedly argued that Obama still hasn't proved he is a U.S. citizen.  When Martin correctly pointed out that the state of Hawaii has issued official documentation that Obama was born there, Poe claimed it was irrelevant without the original birth certificate. "It's like me sending out a birth announcement for one of my children," he said.  Watch it:

As Martin makes clear, Poe's claim is ludicrous -- that is, unless he sends out birth announcements with a raised seal, the official signature stamp of the state registrar, and, for good measure, verification from the governor who supported his opponent.

Of course, Poe's also a supporter of other right-wing conspiracy theories.  He's an official cosponsor of Rep. Bachmann's anti-census crusade and was one of several Republicans who recently perpetuated the bogus EPA "suppression" scandal.