Americans For Tax Reform Responds

July 16, 2009 4:20 pm ET — Matt Finkelstein

Grover Norquist's Americans for Tax Reform got a little defensive about our criticism of their ridiculous online video game, "Card Checked."

Earlier this week, Media Matters Action Network called attention to a ridiculous online game from Americans for Tax Reform called "Card Checked."  The game offensively portrays union representatives as thugs and fantasizes about the negative effects of the Employee Free Choice Act.  In our post, we simply described what happens in the game. However, it seems that ATR still took issue with what we had to say:

Just one problem with the take from Matt Finkelstein... he decided to only use the response from the AFL-CIO. Why?? If they are supposedly this "watchdog" group who is interested in the truth, then why not come straight to the source for their information?

There is good reason Media Matters chooses not to inform the public regarding all sides of the "Card Check" story; as well as allowing those they try to criticize any fair chance to respond... because they aren't concerned with the truth.

To be fair, we did quote Eddie Vale of the AFL-CIO.  But he was just joking about how poorly "Card Checked" stacks up as a video game against some of the classics.  Here's what he said:

I'm not sure if this "game" is part of Michael Steele's hip hop revolution but it's just as lame. As anyone who actually grew up playing Atari or Nintendo will know, calling this a video game is as accurate as their lies about the Employee Free Choice Act, which would help grow the middle class and make the economy work for everyone again.

And, of course, we are "concerned with the truth." That's why we've consistently fact-checked public statements about the Employee Free Choice Act, citing research from a variety of sources. 

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