Does Marcus Epstein Deserve A Second Chance?

June 05, 2009 2:58 pm ET — Melinda Warner

In a piece titled "The Internet Lynching of Marcus Epstein" posted at Human Events, Bay Buchanan (sister of Pat) tries to defend Marcus Epstein's attack on a woman in Georgetown.

Bay Buchanan, as "president of the American Cause and chairman of Team America Pac," runs "both the organizations Marcus works for" and has known him for at least three years.  She is apparently appalled that Epstein's Georgetown pastimes have received any amount of airtime.

There are three issues addressed by Buchanan: one, the portrayal of Epstein in the media; two, the redaction of Epstein's law school admission; and three, that Epstein deserves a second chance.

First: Regarding the media coverage of Epstein's assault on an African-American woman, Buchanan said it was a:

"...lynching by a faceless, angry, ignorant mob who reveled in the collective assault on their victim.  They had wounded an adversary and drawn blood -- without pausing to ask how so talented a young man could have found himself in such a mess."

"Found himself in such a mess"??  There are thousands of talented young men and women living in Washington DC, working stressful jobs, and trying to get through school who have (miraculously) managed to keep themselves out of a "mess" that involves karate chopping strangers on the street while yelling racial epithets.

Second: Buchanan tries to portray the "Left" as a bloodthirsty mob, intent solely on persecuting Epstein with the goal of keeping him out of law school.

"But the Left doesn't care about any of this.  They kept moving this little tidbit, watching it ricochet around their shallow world in the blogosphere, until it landed on a popular site for incoming law students.  There individuals who claim they're interested in carrying-out justice in this world saw to it that Marcus paid again for his offense.  With nothing but a skeleton of a story they initiated a campaign targeted at UVA's Admission Office.  And they won -- Marcus will not be attending UVA Law School in the fall."

After Epstein's "mess" was revealed, the school, rightly, re-examined the portion of his application that asks students to reveal any criminal activity.  It appears as though Epstein was less than honest about his criminal past

Epstein's removal from the fall UVA Law School roster is his own fault - it is not the result of a "campaign" against him. Lying on a law school application IS justification for dismissal.

Finally, Buchanan signs off by asserting that:

"Marcus Epstein is one of the bravest young people I have ever known.  He deserved a second chance -- as do all of us."

Which is true.  People do deserve second chances.  However, what brought this story to media attention was that fact the current Executive Director of organizations run by Bay Buchanan and Tom Tancredo karate chopped a woman while screaming the "N" word. Since that incident, Epstein has done nothing with his "second chance" to prove he does not still harbor the racist ideas that motivated the attack and which landed him in the news in the first place.

For example, Epstein writes for ("named for Virginia Dare, the first white baby born in the English colonies") which the New York Times called an "extremist anti-immigration Web site."  While Bay Buchanan tries to explain away his one prosecuted instance of drunken, racist violence, here are a few racist gems Epstein issued after the Georgetown incident:

"If you look at almost every single society where blacks are, they don't do as well as whites. [...] Within each country, blacks have a higher crime rate than other races.  I mean, that is a fact."

"Yet if you accept Steve Sailer's definition that "a racial group is an extended family that is inbred to some degree", African Americans calling their co-racials 'brothers' isn't so far off. (And let's be honest, 'Soul Distant Cousin' doesn't have the same ring to it as 'Soul Brother'.)"

"If McCain gets the nomination, the open borders lobby will get to see what Hispandering does for the Republican Party." 

The "Left" Buchanan is referring to did nothing more than expose the actions of the Executive Director of two prominent conservative organizations - actions that were relevant because of the accusations hurled by Tom Tancredo and Pat Buchanan, his employers.  Epstein got himself denied entry into law school because he lied about his past; the "Left" carries no blame for that fact.