Talking Points, Anyone?

June 04, 2009 6:29 pm ET — Kaitlyn Golda

In a June 4, 2009 press release, Sen. Mike Enzi expressed concern over a "government takeover" of banks, the auto industry, and health care - using the same key words, in the same order, as Sen. Mitch McConnell did in a press release the day before.

Does This Look Familiar?

June 4, 2009

Sen. Enzi: "People in every part of the country are worried about the government takeover of the banks, the insurance companies and the auto industry. Now the threat is a government takeover of our nation's health care system."

June 3, 2009

Sen. McConnell: "The government is running banks. It's running insurance companies. As of this week it's running a significant portion of the American auto industry. Now it's thinking seriously about running the entire health care industry."

Talking points, in their proper order, all together now: government, banks, insurance, auto industry, health care.