Scott On Columbia/HCA: "I Feel Very Good About What We Accomplished."

May 13, 2009 1:55 pm ET — Melinda Warner

In response to Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly's question about his association with Columbia/HCA's admission of fraud, Rick Scott only answered that "most companies have all paid fines" and that he feels "very good about what we accomplished."

Kelly: "...Joining us again is Rick Scott, who chairs this Conservatives for Patients Rights group which we were just talking about moments ago.  Rick, quickly I just want to ask you number one, I want to give you a chance to rehabilitate yourself because we cut you off there on these charges that your former organization pleaded guilty to fraud and therefore how can you speak to any of this authoritatively?  And number two I want to get you to respond to the President in specific that charge that we're all still gonna be able to choose our own doctors, and we're all still gonna be able to choose our own health care, so there's no sky is falling approach that is appropriate here."

Scott: "Right, well first as you know, no one ever accused me of doing anything wrong.  And if you go back to 1995 basically there was a significant extension of investigations of the health care industry and so most companies have all paid fines including some great not-for-profit hospitals, great teaching hospitals, and so we feel, I feel very good about what we accomplished and of course no one ever accused me of doing anything wrong."

 Rick Scott feels "very good" about defrauding Medicare?  Interesting.