Senior Researcher

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A Senior Researcher, in addition to the responsibilities of researchers, will work closely with the Director to manage other staff projects. This person will also coordinate research projects with the appropriate communications and outreach staff.

The Senior Researcher will work with Researchers to track a variety of domestic issues, including: health care reform implementation, immigration, and clean energy.

Political Correction researchers are tasked with following elected officials, public figures, national and state groups, and other entities. This involves actively monitoring television, radio, CSPAN (1, 2 and 3), print, and online media.


The ideal candidate will have two years of research experience as well as managerial or leadership experience. Knowledge of and experience with health care policy or legal/legislative issues a plus.

Candidates must be able to manage multiple projects across multiple states and media markets. They must also be familiar with current issue debates (i.e. health care reform legislation and the debate surrounding implementation).

Following a successful interview, candidates will be asked to complete a rapid-response assignment.

To Apply

Please send a resume and cover letter to

Political Correction is an Equal Opportunity Employer.